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Visit the Winery

The Somek Winery workshop is comprehensive and professional, delivered by the owner and vintner of the winery, Barak Dahan.

During the workshop Barak conveys the winery’s vision and explains how the vineyards are nurtured. He elaborates on the different wine varieties and the entire wine making process that takes place in a boutique winery from the grape harvest up until the bottling. Visitors enter the barrel rooms and every step of the wine making process is demonstrated for participants to observe closely.

The workshop includes a tasting of four distinct wines from the winery, accompanied by a platter of fine cheeses, fresh bread and olives.

Workshop duration: one and a half hours.

Cost: 70 shekels per person. A full refund is offered with the purchase of six bottles of wine per person.

Workshops can be scheduled any day of the week; mornings, afternoons or evenings, including Fridays and Saturdays.

We are located at16 Hertzel St., Zichron - Ya'akov (Map at your service).

הרצל 16, זכרון יעקב. טל: 04-6397982, נייד: 050-5346490/1 דוא"ל: somekwinery@gmail.com
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