Somek Winery was founded in 2002 by Barak and Hila Dahan with the goal of producing the highest quality wines possible from the family's vineyards.
Barak, a 5th generation Vintner in Zichron Ya'akov, grew up with his roots deeply engrained in the family's tradition and his love for wine has always been a part of him. Barak's acquaintance with every plot and vine along with his determination to combine traditional manual methods in the vineyards, result in outstanding quality grapes.
Hila is a graduate of the degree in Agriculture science at the Hebrew University. She later carried on her studies of Enology at Adelaide University in Australia.
The combination of Barak and Hila brings tradition, knowledge and experience of growing grapes in the Zichron Ya'akov area along with technological and wine making savviness.
The work in the winery is done in full co-operation between the two as the key ingredient is the outmost professionalism and the enjoyment of the process. The Somek Winery believes in continuous grape growing which allows the grapes to reach the highest quality and to be expressed in every wine. Such wine encapsulates both the nature and the 'terroir' which are representative of Bikat Hanadiv Region.
The Vineyards of Somek are located at the foothills of Zichron Ya'akov and have been looked after by the Dahan Family since 1882. The vast tradition of caring for the vineyards has been passed from one generation to the next and as a result gives Somek a great amount of experience and knowledge of the local 'terrior'. The meticulous pruning, thinning, and limited irrigation result in low yields that are extremely high in quality.


.A visit to Somek Winery is comprehensive and professional, conducted by the owner and vintner of the winery, Barak Dahan

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.We will start out by a short explanation about the family and the vision of the winery

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.We will continue to examine closely the process of producing wine at a boutique winery from harvest to bottling

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.Entering the barrel room will be the our next stage, allowing us to sniff the oak and smell the aroma of the wine

visit process

.Upon completion of the tour we would reconvene for a guided tasting of Somek's wine

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Wine delivered with in 5 business days

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We invite you to celebrate your next family event or a business function at Somek Winery. Holding an event with us guarantees an exceptional wine experience along with a superb meal prepared especially by one of our Chefs.
A private event at the winery would include a comprehensive tour led by the Vintner; he would share the process of production at a boutique winery and the philosophy that stands behind Somek Winery. We would then proceed to our tasting room for wine tastings and a delicious meal. Events at the tasting room are suitable for groups of 10 – 20 guests. We would be happy to host you.

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